So before i start i just wanted to say i have been meaning to write something but i just  couldn’t decide about what…….. So as  i was thinking about the title  suddenly the room filled with light and from that light an angel appeared and answers to all of my prayers…..  😉 :p :p Yeah yeah  okay…. Nothing happened like that.

Actually my soul mate, ladylove suggested to write  about “memories” . You can follow her on WordPress  her blog name is FOOD WARDROBE. Again a question of  which one ???

Then, Yesterday  I was going through my Facebook account and there i  hit upon this post saying “few English words that should be used more frequently”  so  having love for literature and being always willing to learn new words i came across with the word SILLAGE which means “the trail that lingers in the air” and there are so many memories that we just couldn’t forget… The memory of loving someone, loosing someone, your first job, first day of college, graduation day, first hiking experience (in my bucket list) , or just a crazy day with friends. 184

All these experiences we ever had turns in to a memory. Which even after so many years manage to bring  a smile on out face.

Memories are weird… They are just like that box of chocolate which once opened cannot be closed until the very last piece of chocolate is finished..

They led you from one memory to another and leaves you in a awe!!!

And whenever you are alone these memories are always with you and makes you realize that you  had a life that was worth remembering….

PS : Aashna Sahni this one is for you and to all the readers drop your memories in comment box.



Today i was just having a conversation with one of my  friend more of babble , i mean who have sane conversations with friends ( just made remind of all the crazinessss…;) ) . So , he asked when was the last time did something happened in your life that you wanted ..????? And i was standing there thinking ..Is this a valid question to be asked  and trust me that one question reminds of  all the things that i wanted them to happen but they never did !!!! Then i answered don’t you think if everything that you ever wanted in your life happened on its own then your life wouldn’t have LIFE in it …. it would be lifeless   (more in a joking manner  😉 ) . But hey there , there only was the next story for my blog . Living with the ambition, urge to achieve something , to make yourself proud and outdo anything you wanted that ‘s what living a life is all about … thats what makes you feel alive . And if these that we have been longing for , the desires  happened already then our life would be so imperturbable . And the life will turned into what we never wanted …a monotonous life and a melancholy will set in.

could haqve

Working hard and make each moment count and getting evrything that you have ever wished only this is the driving force of life  and only this adds a little LIFE to your life !!1

Change is constant!!!

From the big bang theory to the evolution of human a lot has changed and a lot is changing since then… But the only constant thing happening around us is change.!!!

It takes only a person, an event or incident, a second, a minute, an hour, a day, a week for a change to happen.  We upgrade and adapt ourselves to our surrounding. This change only makes us realize of our strength and weaknesses. Change let us know what we can do!!!

People change and when we look back at them they are not the same person as they used to be.. They reveal themselves.  And we realize that we are not even half of the person as we were in the beginning. Change gives you more possibilities and that’s exactly makes them so damned exciting .!!!  😉

This change, the transition we go through is like death, or it can feel like a second chance. Instead of clinging to the old memories its better to form new ones. People change due to presence or absence of a person, love or hate, pain or pleasure , hurt or happiness. Any change can be first step for making a progress it leads to a new beginning


For me change is good. Appreciate the change that you have acquired through your experiences. Welcome it,  Embrace it!!!  🙂

Lost and found

So here it goes.. Hii everyone, as this is my first blog so it obvious that i am at loss of words.. Don’t know what to write. Let’s get started with the title which is “lost and found ” i have chosen this title for my first blog because whenever i am lost i always find my answer in writing.. All i have to do is pen it down.. I also want it to make this as my site name but it was already taken [ guessing who 😉 ]. Now the name is                 ” thinkingouteloud”   thoughts on e world… Really took me days to get a site name. Being an engineering student life is as boring as it gets..

So to break this monotonous life style i decided to pick something that i like and would love to do that, which is writing. Isn’t it funny that we have so many conversations in our minds but when time comes to actually say what we think.. There’s nothing.

Writing or reading someone’s blog is the best way to get through someone’s mind.. Different thought, different perception, different subjects but one thing in common that is to be heard.


Words only words remain!!!

Writing.. Penning down your thoughts is something is the most easiest thing to think but difficult to execute.. Its like solving the crossword which doesn’t have the right answer.

The best way  to discover your self is by putting your thoughts into words.. And by writing this blog i begin my journey of self discovery. Hope you guys find it worth reading. Waiting for some suggestions!!!