Lost and found

So here it goes.. Hii everyone, as this is my first blog so it obvious that i am at loss of words.. Don’t know what to write. Let’s get started with the title which is “lost and found ” i have chosen this title for my first blog because whenever i am lost i always find my answer in writing.. All i have to do is pen it down.. I also want it to make this as my site name but it was already taken [ guessing who 😉 ]. Now the name is                 ” thinkingouteloud”   thoughts on e world… Really took me days to get a site name. Being an engineering student life is as boring as it gets..

So to break this monotonous life style i decided to pick something that i like and would love to do that, which is writing. Isn’t it funny that we have so many conversations in our minds but when time comes to actually say what we think.. There’s nothing.

Writing or reading someone’s blog is the best way to get through someone’s mind.. Different thought, different perception, different subjects but one thing in common that is to be heard.


Words only words remain!!!

Writing.. Penning down your thoughts is something is the most easiest thing to think but difficult to execute.. Its like solving the crossword which doesn’t have the right answer.

The best way  to discover your self is by putting your thoughts into words.. And by writing this blog i begin my journey of self discovery. Hope you guys find it worth reading. Waiting for some suggestions!!!


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