Change is constant!!!

From the big bang theory to the evolution of human a lot has changed and a lot is changing since then… But the only constant thing happening around us is change.!!!

It takes only a person, an event or incident, a second, a minute, an hour, a day, a week for a change to happen.  We upgrade and adapt ourselves to our surrounding. This change only makes us realize of our strength and weaknesses. Change let us know what we can do!!!

People change and when we look back at them they are not the same person as they used to be.. They reveal themselves.  And we realize that we are not even half of the person as we were in the beginning. Change gives you more possibilities and that’s exactly makes them so damned exciting .!!!  😉

This change, the transition we go through is like death, or it can feel like a second chance. Instead of clinging to the old memories its better to form new ones. People change due to presence or absence of a person, love or hate, pain or pleasure , hurt or happiness. Any change can be first step for making a progress it leads to a new beginning


For me change is good. Appreciate the change that you have acquired through your experiences. Welcome it,  Embrace it!!!  🙂


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