Today i was just having a conversation with one of my  friend more of babble , i mean who have sane conversations with friends ( just made remind of all the crazinessss…;) ) . So , he asked when was the last time did something happened in your life that you wanted ..????? And i was standing there thinking ..Is this a valid question to be asked  and trust me that one question reminds of  all the things that i wanted them to happen but they never did !!!! Then i answered don’t you think if everything that you ever wanted in your life happened on its own then your life wouldn’t have LIFE in it …. it would be lifeless   (more in a joking manner  😉 ) . But hey there , there only was the next story for my blog . Living with the ambition, urge to achieve something , to make yourself proud and outdo anything you wanted that ‘s what living a life is all about … thats what makes you feel alive . And if these that we have been longing for , the desires  happened already then our life would be so imperturbable . And the life will turned into what we never wanted …a monotonous life and a melancholy will set in.

could haqve

Working hard and make each moment count and getting evrything that you have ever wished only this is the driving force of life  and only this adds a little LIFE to your life !!1


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