And It’s her birthday !!!!!!!!

The girl of whom I am talking about is one of the best thing ever happened to me …..she is soul mate , my person , and the kind of person u call if you ever have  to bury a body !!!! But i wouldn’t do that beacuse she is too lazy to move her ass out of her bed  😉 . It’s been 21 years of our friendship …..the childhood friend who becomes your BFF and that’s my  partner in crime , lady  love AASHNA SAHNI and after so long i can’t even imagine my life without her !!! .

She makes my world an impeccable place to be in . She knows me better than any person on this living earth  like , seriously , anyone else in the world !!! She is only one with whom I  can relate to , the one who can make me laugh and can laugh too on the weird jokes I crack .  She knows my every little secrets and i know hers 😉 .

I mean the time spent with her clicking those weird faces selfies , eating as if you haven’t eaten for days or burst out laughing because we have remembered the same incident at the same time that happened years ago !!!

It’s a blessing to have a friend like these whose family even considered you  as their another daughter you kinda share siblings and their home is a home to  you too . She always know to say the right words to male feel better , she is always there to hear me vent about anything and evrything , she is always there when we plan for a exquisite vacation that we have dreamed for or when i was throwing tantrums at the world to bring me back to the ground  😉 . She is best critic , supporter  and the one who encourages me and tell me off whem i’m wrong .

Thankyou love for always being there and being the amazing person you are , with you i don’t need a reason to be happy  We are happy being in each other’s company . Period !!! .  For being just as weird as  I am . And wish you a very happy birthday :* :* :* …..



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