It all started a week earlier when we decided to go on a college trip to NAINITAL -THE CITY OF LAKES and without giving much thought to it I said no !!!! But I think it was destined for me to go and it comes out to be the best day of my life .This was the first time in my entire life when i was going out of my home town and i have ever expected this trip would turn out to be this amazing as it did . But as this is my life how come there won’t be any bump in the road , all my friends said no as they have been to  this place for so many times but to my luck one said yesss and which was a confirmation that i would definitely  go on this expedition . Thankyou ankita you were a great company !!!

Without any expectations i packed my bag with all the essentials i need and went to my bed as i have to wake up early in the morning and the journey started at 4 .30 a.m. . The crisp morning breeze adds the chills to the already built excitement . After a journey of an hour or two the roads lead to the scenic beauty of the hills covered with fog with nothing but clouds floating around . There was no stopping to my excitements as we go higher the excitement increases as this was the first time i have ever seen a mountain. And without even noticing the journey with the craziest dance on the loudest music 😉

Our first stop was the waterfalls the sight was so beautiful water flowing from the mountains and as we stepped in the water our feet gets frozen and numb and the goosebumps starts setting in . The journey continues with the stunning and jaw dropping landscapes  along the road . The most adventurous and thrilling part was the ECO CAVES  and after passing the caves i felt as if i have won some war :p . The real beauty  of the city can be witnessed in the night when the whole town is illuminated with the lights and in the distant world it seems like stars spread through the sky !!!! Just  sitting by the side of the lake and grasping every moment i lived there it make me realized that there is beauty all around the world and even asingle day can give you a lifetime happiness 🙂



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