Our choices decides our life and our choices depends upon the people in our lives . From beginning till the end we encounter many choices that we have to take and live with them , but sometimes we stumble upon many circumstances in life on which we don’t have any control and no matter how hard these situations are we have to deal with them.  Life is not a string of happy moments , it is a journey of our decisions and situations that comes in it . We cannot sit back and wait for the good parts to happen but what you can do is forgive yourself for not being happy during those bad parts .

At some point in our life we take decisions that we regret and instead of getting through these choices we blame it ourselves and we take it along in our life as a burden !!!

But we forget that these decisions are a part of our life and we don’t have to live with these regrets  ; we have to make ourselves believe that we not only survive but also thrive in them .We don’t deserve those anxiety because this anxiety attacks sucks , they bring all the memories and these memories hit us like a wave and we are stuck . It feels like it couldn’t get better but REMEMBER ” may be you are not a rose that everybody wants but you are a dandelion that still blooms “.

You cannot control your life ; just follow it and it doesn’t matter whatever the road you take it will always guide you home . And if there is something that I have learned about life is that it goes on 🙂



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