Amidst …..

Have  you ever been there where so much is going in your life….like everything is happening all at once and you haven’t been able to stop for a minute and acknowledge them or give a thought to it ….yeah this has been life for past few days !!!!!

I mean just fine day you woke up and your friend ask you to go out for a window shopping and you end up shopping for bridal wear even though you are not getting married anytime soon 😛 or she made you try all trhe dresses and while you are getting choked up in those heavy dresses she is having a nice conversation with the attendant about your would be husband and your wedding reception …….and you there standing and thinking IS THIS FOR REAL !!????

Yeah !! this totally happened with me last week and thas was so much fun ….insane 😉 and we enjoyed alot !!!

I am really lucky to have a crrraazzzyyy bitch like her in my life  follow her on THE FOOD WARDRODE Aashna sahni , love you girl !!!


And now I longed for pepper !!!!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “An Odd Trio.”

It was in winters  when I was in the kitchen making some soup as I enjoy cooking and was trying out a new recipe with my favourite ingredient mushroom 😛 my another favourite past time…but now I hardly get time to carry out  having said that as I was in the kitchen I heard a very feeble voice and I went out to find what  it was and the sight that I witnessed was so gripping ……it was a cat weak , sick and limping I soon went to get something to cover her as it was cold outside but it was taking a lot of time  to get a blanket so I  grab a beach towel and wrap her in it and took her inside .

And then the difficult part comes it was convincing my mom to let her stay ….my mom is not really a cat person but somehow she agreed 🙂 after that the first thing I did was to give her a name ……so , i thought enough came up with the name “pepper ” 😉 well , just because as i was about to add pepper in my soup I heard her voice . Pepper was so clingy and she never left the room after I have given her warm milk she soon goes to sleep . The next morning I was getting ready for college and she was following me in the entire house and she has those cutest eyes which were screaming pick me ! pick me ! .

after i have returned from college to my surprise i  have found that she has become fond  of my mom and mumma was also trying to accept her presence !!!! 😛

And as I was bonding with her , just after two days she went out  and never came back , I searched her for everywhere but she was nowhere to be found  😦 and i kept hoping that she will come back but she never did !!!! and i even dont have a picture of her but i miss her and longed for her :*




In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other.”

Today , I am gona tell about what I expect my future holds . SO , just like any other any person i want a job which gives me the satisfaction of being at work . I know it requires a lot of dedication and hardwork to get a job which let you buy lot of stuff 😉 c’mon i’m a girl what else do you expect but most importantly which gives me the feeling of contentment and proud that i am able to make a living for myself.

And this thing will not only make me proud but will aslo make my mom proud and all the favours and hardwork she has done for me to get me there will be paid . I just hope everything that I have written will happen real soon.


Waitig for a flip flop again !!!!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Flip Flop.”

As the night creeps in and everything is quite and peaceful and you realized that you are dead inside but yet you’re still alive and all of that happen when when you know you’re falling out of love …and you are losing that one person  because of whom you have believed in love in the first place !!!!

And then we came to know the importance of them ….that’s  a human tendency we tend to love people or things when they are broken or leaving .

images (1)

And then a day comes when you  realize you are more than that . You can’t be just stuck in your life , in that moment you gather all your strength and move on and when you done moving you will meet a new and better version of yourself . You are no longer the prisoner of your thoughts and even though you are not happy but you are not even said .


Nothing lasts forever . And feeling all that I realized if  you ever been in love once we go through all these. But  that’s makes me  question if  it was that real how could you even possibly move on from it ??????

Is it that everyone likes each other and no one loves each other ?????And now I don’t know if there is any of whom you can be sure of . So for now I am taking a back seat and waits for a flip flop where I can really find the time when all of this makes sense . And I HOPE it flips soon ….


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Careless Whisper.”

Last year i was having an arguement with my dad that i want to hangout with my  friends and he didn’t gave me the permission …So, I get very upset about it and said that all my friends are going and i too want to go and i dont need your permission …and as soon as i said these words i regretted immediately . But even after that i didn’t apologize to my dad as i m very egiostic and stubborn and didn’t talk to him for a month . After a month i realized , i was wrong and said sorry to him and everything gets back to normal .  I just want to mention one thing as i was not talking him , that silence killed me was unbearable and now that my dad is not here i regret each and every moment i misbehaved with him 😦

Falsus Corpus: Thoughts About Women’s Stupid Bodies

You Monsters Are People.

In prehistoric times the thing that made a woman the most desirable to the rest of her pack was having both arms. Things like sharp teeth and having no diseases were just perks back then. If you were some archaic human female spending her days trying to pull all the skin off a mammoth carcass, had most of your teeth, functional reproductive organs, and could start a fire without help, then you were probably the sexiest woman on the planet. Every man in your tribe would show up in front of your cave with a cup of dinosaur milk and a sharpened rock in the hopes that it might be enough to gain your favor.

Fast forward into modernity and the dinosaur milk has dried up. Everyone is arguing about body shape and what not to wear. There are campaigns endorsing fatness and abhorring skinniness where people make outrageous claims…

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