Waitig for a flip flop again !!!!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Flip Flop.”

As the night creeps in and everything is quite and peaceful and you realized that you are dead inside but yet you’re still alive and all of that happen when when you know you’re falling out of love …and you are losing that one person  because of whom you have believed in love in the first place !!!!

And then we came to know the importance of them ….that’s  a human tendency we tend to love people or things when they are broken or leaving .

images (1)

And then a day comes when you  realize you are more than that . You can’t be just stuck in your life , in that moment you gather all your strength and move on and when you done moving you will meet a new and better version of yourself . You are no longer the prisoner of your thoughts and even though you are not happy but you are not even said .


Nothing lasts forever . And feeling all that I realized if  you ever been in love once we go through all these. But  that’s makes me  question if  it was that real how could you even possibly move on from it ??????

Is it that everyone likes each other and no one loves each other ?????And now I don’t know if there is any of whom you can be sure of . So for now I am taking a back seat and waits for a flip flop where I can really find the time when all of this makes sense . And I HOPE it flips soon ….


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