And now I longed for pepper !!!!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “An Odd Trio.”

It was in winters  when I was in the kitchen making some soup as I enjoy cooking and was trying out a new recipe with my favourite ingredient mushroom 😛 my another favourite past time…but now I hardly get time to carry out  having said that as I was in the kitchen I heard a very feeble voice and I went out to find what  it was and the sight that I witnessed was so gripping ……it was a cat weak , sick and limping I soon went to get something to cover her as it was cold outside but it was taking a lot of time  to get a blanket so I  grab a beach towel and wrap her in it and took her inside .

And then the difficult part comes it was convincing my mom to let her stay ….my mom is not really a cat person but somehow she agreed 🙂 after that the first thing I did was to give her a name ……so , i thought enough came up with the name “pepper ” 😉 well , just because as i was about to add pepper in my soup I heard her voice . Pepper was so clingy and she never left the room after I have given her warm milk she soon goes to sleep . The next morning I was getting ready for college and she was following me in the entire house and she has those cutest eyes which were screaming pick me ! pick me ! .

after i have returned from college to my surprise i  have found that she has become fond  of my mom and mumma was also trying to accept her presence !!!! 😛

And as I was bonding with her , just after two days she went out  and never came back , I searched her for everywhere but she was nowhere to be found  😦 and i kept hoping that she will come back but she never did !!!! and i even dont have a picture of her but i miss her and longed for her :*




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