Amidst …..

Have  you ever been there where so much is going in your life….like everything is happening all at once and you haven’t been able to stop for a minute and acknowledge them or give a thought to it ….yeah this has been life for past few days !!!!!

I mean just fine day you woke up and your friend ask you to go out for a window shopping and you end up shopping for bridal wear even though you are not getting married anytime soon 😛 or she made you try all trhe dresses and while you are getting choked up in those heavy dresses she is having a nice conversation with the attendant about your would be husband and your wedding reception …….and you there standing and thinking IS THIS FOR REAL !!????

Yeah !! this totally happened with me last week and thas was so much fun ….insane 😉 and we enjoyed alot !!!

I am really lucky to have a crrraazzzyyy bitch like her in my life  follow her on THE FOOD WARDRODE Aashna sahni , love you girl !!!


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