Let your mind deal with it !!!!

I am talking about all those anxities and thoughts that keep running in our minds and we know that half of them are not even ¬†going to happen ¬†…..but they have been on your mind , like sometimes you encountered a situation from your friend’s life or from a movie and you start thinking about and the weave a whole story around it but it has nothing to do with your life…..and by the time you realize that you are soooo…… deep in those thoughts that you can’t come on the surface .

Its like you are sitting with nothing on ur mind and you read a word or quote …or a person comes up in your mind and you keep thinking about ….even form some opinions .

Sometimes these thoughts are not from someoneelse’s life but from your past experiences and in that moment you get a much clearer view . And then you realize no matter how worse the sitaution was if you give it some time it shall paas too.

But sometimes it is better to not to think about that at all !!!!!