Twin flames !!!!!

May be we like the pain. May be we’re wired that way.Because without it i dont know we just wouldn’t feel real .

                                                                                                             –  Meredith Grey

In this wold where everything is available at one click ….. like the dress buy it , wanna hangout grab the keys , want a break go on a vacation… but still the most common sentence everyone says ” I’m sad….  I dunno why but I don’t feel alright  !!! “

May be it’s the expectations we have from the world , from ourselves but when these expectations are not fulfilled we tend to loose faith in everything even in the ones who were there when we least expects them…….beacuse of the absence of ones we never thought would leave .

And these expectations turns into sadness , where your heart aches and you long for a shoulder to lean on . When you see people around you having each other , caring for each other and you wished to be surrounded by the one who you wants to take care of you .With whom you can share smallest thing of your life . Every breath you take , every foot you move forward , every word you say  , every thought doesn’t make sense .  The world seems in a blurred state.  It’s like loosing a inevitable part of your life ….and this sadness goes on forever .

 You start to question yourself ….what you have done wrong ??? where did you lack ?? Was it too much to ask for ??? And all these makes you go crazy . You cannot find happiness in anything …the sky full of stars seems like your broken dreams scattered in the space no matter how much try you cannot fix them , the rising sun the bright sunshine makes you squint your eyes , the rhythm of the falling rain doesn’t make you feel dancing in it … and its all becuase of that one person in your life you don’t wanna let go .

But if you remain in this state feel so sad that it follows you around and weighs on your shoulder .  You gonna think that this pain will never end but it will.  But you have to let it all in you can’t fight it its bigger than you.  You have to let yourself drown in it and eventually you start to swim.  And every single breath you fight makes you stronger .

One day eventually you found a reason to get out of your bed and have faith in everything again and  you will realize its not important to be happy ever after it important to be happy in the moment !!!!!