Shangri-La !!!!

Aren’t we all running behind that term “shangri-La ” a mystical , imaginary place where life approaches perfection . I guesss ….. Yesss !!! .  No matter whatever we do we always want to end it perfectly without even thinking if perfection is the right ending !?

What if the ending is not perfect , it is not what we have imagined but it is the right ending !!!

Perfection is nothing but the thoughts we have in  our mind , a picture of life we have created in our minds and if this picture doesn’t comes to life we tend to loose hope . We make ourselves believe that nothing good can happen , because its not what we have expected but since when life becomes  a series of known incidents . The litle paradise  we thought of , a place where there is peace and beauty , is nothing but a little escape we have made for ourselves . Life doesn’t come with a guidebook its the unexpected things that makes life worth remembering.

The virtual world we create serves nothing more than a wall around us and inside those walls everything is a deception . We think and overthink everything , think about what could happen and what  would happen but that doesn’t lead us anywhere , and all those “what ifs” and ” should have ” will eat your brain .

We compare our lives with others and always find their life more amusing , sorted but we don’t know what they have been through . Everyone has their own battle to fight , may be you find their life perfect but you haven’t walk in their shoe you may  know them but you don’t know their story . We forget what our contribution is in making our lives “perfect” ….did we ever worked for everything that we have wanted ????? And to achieve all of that you constantly gotta remind yourself that things are never too deep and you have to keep it moving with or without people .

And when you find that strength , motivation and courage to livea life what you have imagine that you dont have to build a virtual paradise for you …. your life will automatically become a compete bliss .






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