Dear myself !!

“Learn to love  yourself instead of loving the idea of other people liking you .”

Its  not the first time  this thought has come to my mind about living in the worlds where there are no bodies but only soul exists….. where heart exchange faces and where there is no conversations only thoughts….. life would be so much easier .

Hey you!!!  are you having existing crisis ? Are you seeking for someone else’s permission to do what you want? Are you living on validation of others ? Are you not happy with your body type and wished to look like someone else beacuse nowadays everyone is is arguing about their body shape and what not to wear and I wonder myself if all that is left to  us, to society , looking “perfect ” having perfect body , perfect legs , natural thigh gap , perfect complexion , perfect eyebrows …..every little detail about your body has to be perfect . But for me imperfections are what a real woman has they are the true essence of beauty . Stop looking for perfect bodies look for a beautiful heart ….becuase looks are deception they are not going to remain forever  but a heart will.

People crying over their looks …looks are not going to get you any where . You thinks looking pretty is important then what about being kind , caring ,true , honest ….atleast you can be beautiful even if you are not pretty . Dont feel sorry for not having a perfect body you dont have to be apologetic because you are not what you look like you are your dreams , aspirations , hopes , longings, you are made up of stars ,endless thoughts , infinite possibilities .

Accept yourself that’s the hardest thing you could do becuase it goes against your training, education , your culture . From very begining evryone told you how you should be , nobody ever told you that you are good as you are .

Our body who has taken so much , the “precious” body that  has been objectified , molested , raped , hooted and honked  and is forever poked and prodded for eating too much , eating too little , a million details which all point to a solitary girl , to every solitary GIRL  and then you look for someone to inspire you , motivate you , support you , someone who will love the way you are , cherish you , make you happy and then only you realize that all along you were looking for your self . You are on a journey of non stop growth .  Be your biggest fan , gas yourself the fuck up , love yourself so much that when someone says you are ugly you know thats a lie .

Fuck what society says you weight doesnt determine you  it’s just a number . It doesn’t matter if you are fat , skinny ,chubby , have pimples its okay to be all these things because you are human , you are a person , a wondeful , original beautiful person . Dont let your physical appearance determine who you are .