Aren’t we suppose to be human??

We human , the most evolved , intelligent species known and even though in the world we live we have lost the sense of humanity,  there is so much darkness … darkness that is engulfing us , the shadows of hatred have swallowed us .

We live in a world where we want to be happy but could not bare the happiness of others , where we send our children to school like we are sending them to war hoping their safety way back their home , where we want to be succesful but don’t want to uplift others , where we educate ourselves but loose wisdom in the way , where we teach our children the difference between black and white , rich and poor , ugly and beautiful but we are unable to teach them empathy , kindness , charity , love , compassion ,considerate and helpful.

We humans have become slave to this god-like technology with every development we are moving towards to becoming more ignorant , we spend our days online but refuse to talk to our parent’s at home , we are sharing the post on  love but we don’t say  good morning to our spouses at home , we are wishing mother’s day  on social sites but forget to make them feel special , our address have changed from a place called home to @’s , we try seek validation of others and worry about the likes on our profile pictures .

We protest and talk about rights and equality of women , their empowerment and yet we frown upon when a women chooses to live her life on her terms , we teach men to respect women but why we don’t we teach our children to respect everyone , we are living in a world where a girl is not safe outside or inside the womb .We are debating gender for so long that we forget our souls had none .

We are still slaves of that stone age thinking and mentality and hide ourselves are behind those instagram filters . We protest for animal rights and yet kill them to eat . We spend so much on having a luxurious life but not work a bit for having a happy life , we are ok with our children spending thousands on partying but astray the to share the food with the poor child at the tea stall.

As human we are suppose to be helpful , comsiderate , loving …. our job is to love people when they needed the most  , we are suppose to comfort them we its embarrasing , we are suppose to stand for each other , we are suppose to share each other’s each others burden but here we are all ugly to each other . We see humans everywhere but have lost humanity. We are crippled unable to have emotions and now all we  have this darkness , cruelty hatred around us .

And i question  to  myself and you that we Humans aren’t we suppose to be epitome of humanity ?????

P.S. : This post has been written earlier but couldn’t post it due to shitty network !!!