Sometimes fruitloops are enough !!!!

Just one of those days when you are still sitting in your bed with your busy netflix schedule and your mom enters the room  with a plastic bag and  trying to blow it only  to burst it later kinda reminds me of the bubblewrap and it lefts you nothing but with the smile on your face and you get to see that immense joy in her eyes …. it also reminds you of the time when you have that crazy selfie session with her or when she beats you on your candy crush score and show off to you or  when you have to keep check how much candies she is having  😉 and all those things makes you wonder but nothing  that there is a little child in every human…some lost it forever and some tries to find it again and again !!!!.

Since when it has become so hard to live in the moment and appreciate what we have instead of what we might have ? I mean it’s okay to have an ambition in your life but loosing yourself in the process it’s definitely not okay .

Everyone wants to live a king size life , going to beautiful places travel the world , eat at big fancy restaurants ordering the dishes whose name you can’t even pronounce atleast not until you have practiced it for thousand times before ordering it or drooling over the clothes and those shoes you want to lock in your wardrobe but sometimes you get that happiness and peace only by sitting in your bedroom in a warm blanket or instead of eating those five star course meals having a bowl of fruitloops or just be in your pjs lying comfortably ……sometims these things are enough to be grateful.

YES everyone has their dreams and we should and we should believe in the possibility of it , in the certainity of it but we should not cling to it…sure believe in that dream, own that but don’t let that dream define you . I’m not asking you not to try to have that luxurious life or have big ambition but then remember when you were five your biggest dream is to have a that exotic game or that big’ol doll house ….so work towards that dream but not let your eyes loose the sight of those small memories that brings the smile on your face or make an impression on your mind and once you commenced that dream  it’s even better beacuse then you get to choose the new dream !!!


Create your own happiness !!!