Madam Pompfrey’s spellworking…

via Daily Prompt: Elixir

Being a pottermore whenever the words like magic, elixir , potion comes in my ear I instantly start thinking aboutthe witch and wizards land of  Harry potter and his chronicles that has made us believe in magic … all the spooky spell that lingers in the hall of hogwarts….the hustle of the land , the anguish of the boy , the innocence of marked child , the wittiness of the smartest witch of her era, the friendship that has left the impression without fail.

Harry potter and the chamber of secrets was the second in the row and much awaited ……after the dreadful summer spent by harry potter goes back to the place where he truly belongs just to find outmore about his parents and most importantly about himself ……where he encountered many incidents which has taught him a lot , but one incident that brings out that one quality for which we adore him  was , where his friends suffered the curse of the basilisk …..losing the consciousness and deaths and to stop this he took a step forward and fought that beast but all of this could not have been if Madam pompfrey was not there to take care of his friends with mandrake draught potion …the plants having life and voice so squeaky that it can make fall flat…..cutest being so lethal but a life saver at the same time….

Thats’s just one story from the amazing ride of harry potter …… I can go on and on….BUT for now just this


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