So its happening…..

Just few years back ….two to be exact I wrote an article about what I expect from my future holds…..and after two years it looks like its happening , though not a permanent thing to be but its something that i want to continue with….finally getting this internship in media makes me feel like I am home ..makes me feel like that’s what i want to do , not saying that I am perfect for the job but it surely makes me feel that may be i am good enough that maybe i worth something and sometimes that can be the best feeling one can have .
Because after a longtime of feeling of good for nothing and and continuously thinking about this day there is a breathe of relief .
And since this thing is not something that i can hold it will be more difficult to leave …and when i write this that feeling of despair has already started to set in ..but then its opportunity of many and i just hope i keep getting more because one thing i am sure of this is the only thing i want to dpo and keep doint that and want to be crazy good at it….


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