After searching on every site and reading whole lot of blogs just to find an inspiration, a hint for the subject to write on. I mean after doing everything in my power just to find that single word that every writer strives for just to turn that thought into an abstract. All I could manage to find the restless souls like me who are struggling to find that ray of hope, that light at the end of tunnel just to pour out all that has been on their minds.

And it can be nothing to something. I can’t even fathom to remember how many times I have been on this page, wanted to write, sitting at the balcony, stayed up late at night and what not but still couldn’t even write a word.

At first I wanted to write about my first job, first salary, the time when I was missing my mom, the time when I saw those cute pups on the streets, or the time when I was traveling……I tried really hard…but nothing works. So many letters, words but still, I couldn’t turn them in to a single sentence. I think it’s just not me, there’s has been a time in everyone’s life when they have stuck at the same place and no matter what they have tried but nothing helped and the only thing you are manage to do is add one more draft. And it always ends like this not because you don’t have that impulse to write, you always have that but it’s just that we can’t put our mind into it atleast not all of it… either it’s work or something else …and repeating this process is so exhilarating that you finally just drop it…..but not for long. So, all I am saying it …. stop , take a moment because you don’t you never know when you find that story to tell.