You know right? It doesn’t matter if you bring me Austen’s novel . It doesn’t matter if my feet brushed yours beneath the sheets.
I was worried about your breaking my heart or not being the one, but you checked every option on my list.
You introduced me to a new kind of love, it wasn’t promises or being hopeless romantic it waa just your kind of love.
I still remember the drunken night when I told you about my 5th birthday or that little food joint or the time l stargazed through the entire night.
I also remember telling you the same things when I’m sober and you listening to it like it was the first time.
But it doesn’t matter now .
It doesn’t matter coz my heart does not get back into pieces by your embrace now. The broken pieces does not go to being one from two like earlier it used to.
Now it’s only one heartbeat I hear.
Sometimes I try to listen yours too but it’s kinda fading too weak to register.
But hey it doesn’t matter now!



After searching on every site and reading whole lot of blogs just to find an inspiration, a hint for the subject to write on. I mean after doing everything in my power just to find that single word that every writer strives for just to turn that thought into an abstract. All I could manage to find the restless souls like me who are struggling to find that ray of hope, that light at the end of tunnel just to pour out all that has been on their minds.

And it can be nothing to something. I can’t even fathom to remember how many times I have been on this page, wanted to write, sitting at the balcony, stayed up late at night and what not but still couldn’t even write a word.

At first I wanted to write about my first job, first salary, the time when I was missing my mom, the time when I saw those cute pups on the streets, or the time when I was traveling……I tried really hard…but nothing works. So many letters, words but still, I couldn’t turn them in to a single sentence. I think it’s just not me, there’s has been a time in everyone’s life when they have stuck at the same place and no matter what they have tried but nothing helped and the only thing you are manage to do is add one more draft. And it always ends like this not because you don’t have that impulse to write, you always have that but it’s just that we can’t put our mind into it atleast not all of it… either it’s work or something else …and repeating this process is so exhilarating that you finally just drop it…..but not for long. So, all I am saying it …. stop , take a moment because you don’t you never know when you find that story to tell.

So its happening…..

Just few years back ….two to be exact I wrote an article about what I expect from my future holds…..and after two years it looks like its happening , though not a permanent thing to be but its something that i want to continue with….finally getting this internship in media makes me feel like I am home ..makes me feel like that’s what i want to do , not saying that I am perfect for the job but it surely makes me feel that may be i am good enough that maybe i worth something and sometimes that can be the best feeling one can have .
Because after a longtime of feeling of good for nothing and and continuously thinking about this day there is a breathe of relief .
And since this thing is not something that i can hold it will be more difficult to leave …and when i write this that feeling of despair has already started to set in ..but then its opportunity of many and i just hope i keep getting more because one thing i am sure of this is the only thing i want to dpo and keep doint that and want to be crazy good at it….

Madam Pompfrey’s spellworking…

via Daily Prompt: Elixir

Being a pottermore whenever the words like magic, elixir , potion comes in my ear I instantly start thinking aboutthe witch and wizards land of  Harry potter and his chronicles that has made us believe in magic … all the spooky spell that lingers in the hall of hogwarts….the hustle of the land , the anguish of the boy , the innocence of marked child , the wittiness of the smartest witch of her era, the friendship that has left the impression without fail.

Harry potter and the chamber of secrets was the second in the row and much awaited ……after the dreadful summer spent by harry potter goes back to the place where he truly belongs just to find outmore about his parents and most importantly about himself ……where he encountered many incidents which has taught him a lot , but one incident that brings out that one quality for which we adore him  was , where his friends suffered the curse of the basilisk …..losing the consciousness and deaths and to stop this he took a step forward and fought that beast but all of this could not have been if Madam pompfrey was not there to take care of his friends with mandrake draught potion …the plants having life and voice so squeaky that it can make fall flat…..cutest being so lethal but a life saver at the same time….

Thats’s just one story from the amazing ride of harry potter …… I can go on and on….BUT for now just this

Sometimes fruitloops are enough !!!!

Just one of those days when you are still sitting in your bed with your busy netflix schedule and your mom enters the room  with a plastic bag and  trying to blow it only  to burst it later kinda reminds me of the bubblewrap and it lefts you nothing but with the smile on your face and you get to see that immense joy in her eyes …. it also reminds you of the time when you have that crazy selfie session with her or when she beats you on your candy crush score and show off to you or  when you have to keep check how much candies she is having  😉 and all those things makes you wonder but nothing  that there is a little child in every human…some lost it forever and some tries to find it again and again !!!!.

Since when it has become so hard to live in the moment and appreciate what we have instead of what we might have ? I mean it’s okay to have an ambition in your life but loosing yourself in the process it’s definitely not okay .

Everyone wants to live a king size life , going to beautiful places travel the world , eat at big fancy restaurants ordering the dishes whose name you can’t even pronounce atleast not until you have practiced it for thousand times before ordering it or drooling over the clothes and those shoes you want to lock in your wardrobe but sometimes you get that happiness and peace only by sitting in your bedroom in a warm blanket or instead of eating those five star course meals having a bowl of fruitloops or just be in your pjs lying comfortably ……sometims these things are enough to be grateful.

YES everyone has their dreams and we should and we should believe in the possibility of it , in the certainity of it but we should not cling to it…sure believe in that dream, own that but don’t let that dream define you . I’m not asking you not to try to have that luxurious life or have big ambition but then remember when you were five your biggest dream is to have a that exotic game or that big’ol doll house ….so work towards that dream but not let your eyes loose the sight of those small memories that brings the smile on your face or make an impression on your mind and once you commenced that dream  it’s even better beacuse then you get to choose the new dream !!!


Create your own happiness !!!

Aren’t we suppose to be human??

We human , the most evolved , intelligent species known and even though in the world we live we have lost the sense of humanity,  there is so much darkness … darkness that is engulfing us , the shadows of hatred have swallowed us .

We live in a world where we want to be happy but could not bare the happiness of others , where we send our children to school like we are sending them to war hoping their safety way back their home , where we want to be succesful but don’t want to uplift others , where we educate ourselves but loose wisdom in the way , where we teach our children the difference between black and white , rich and poor , ugly and beautiful but we are unable to teach them empathy , kindness , charity , love , compassion ,considerate and helpful.

We humans have become slave to this god-like technology with every development we are moving towards to becoming more ignorant , we spend our days online but refuse to talk to our parent’s at home , we are sharing the post on  love but we don’t say  good morning to our spouses at home , we are wishing mother’s day  on social sites but forget to make them feel special , our address have changed from a place called home to @’s , we try seek validation of others and worry about the likes on our profile pictures .

We protest and talk about rights and equality of women , their empowerment and yet we frown upon when a women chooses to live her life on her terms , we teach men to respect women but why we don’t we teach our children to respect everyone , we are living in a world where a girl is not safe outside or inside the womb .We are debating gender for so long that we forget our souls had none .

We are still slaves of that stone age thinking and mentality and hide ourselves are behind those instagram filters . We protest for animal rights and yet kill them to eat . We spend so much on having a luxurious life but not work a bit for having a happy life , we are ok with our children spending thousands on partying but astray the to share the food with the poor child at the tea stall.

As human we are suppose to be helpful , comsiderate , loving …. our job is to love people when they needed the most  , we are suppose to comfort them we its embarrasing , we are suppose to stand for each other , we are suppose to share each other’s each others burden but here we are all ugly to each other . We see humans everywhere but have lost humanity. We are crippled unable to have emotions and now all we  have this darkness , cruelty hatred around us .

And i question  to  myself and you that we Humans aren’t we suppose to be epitome of humanity ?????

P.S. : This post has been written earlier but couldn’t post it due to shitty network !!!



Dear myself !!

“Learn to love  yourself instead of loving the idea of other people liking you .”

Its  not the first time  this thought has come to my mind about living in the worlds where there are no bodies but only soul exists….. where heart exchange faces and where there is no conversations only thoughts….. life would be so much easier .

Hey you!!!  are you having existing crisis ? Are you seeking for someone else’s permission to do what you want? Are you living on validation of others ? Are you not happy with your body type and wished to look like someone else beacuse nowadays everyone is is arguing about their body shape and what not to wear and I wonder myself if all that is left to  us, to society , looking “perfect ” having perfect body , perfect legs , natural thigh gap , perfect complexion , perfect eyebrows …..every little detail about your body has to be perfect . But for me imperfections are what a real woman has they are the true essence of beauty . Stop looking for perfect bodies look for a beautiful heart ….becuase looks are deception they are not going to remain forever  but a heart will.

People crying over their looks …looks are not going to get you any where . You thinks looking pretty is important then what about being kind , caring ,true , honest ….atleast you can be beautiful even if you are not pretty . Dont feel sorry for not having a perfect body you dont have to be apologetic because you are not what you look like you are your dreams , aspirations , hopes , longings, you are made up of stars ,endless thoughts , infinite possibilities .

Accept yourself that’s the hardest thing you could do becuase it goes against your training, education , your culture . From very begining evryone told you how you should be , nobody ever told you that you are good as you are .

Our body who has taken so much , the “precious” body that  has been objectified , molested , raped , hooted and honked  and is forever poked and prodded for eating too much , eating too little , a million details which all point to a solitary girl , to every solitary GIRL  and then you look for someone to inspire you , motivate you , support you , someone who will love the way you are , cherish you , make you happy and then only you realize that all along you were looking for your self . You are on a journey of non stop growth .  Be your biggest fan , gas yourself the fuck up , love yourself so much that when someone says you are ugly you know thats a lie .

Fuck what society says you weight doesnt determine you  it’s just a number . It doesn’t matter if you are fat , skinny ,chubby , have pimples its okay to be all these things because you are human , you are a person , a wondeful , original beautiful person . Dont let your physical appearance determine who you are .